for the preparation of a diplomatic career in international and community affairs.

Organised by the University Institute of European Studies at the request of the Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the course offers young Italian graduates the opportunity to study in depth and with an inter-disciplinary approach, the most significant aspects of law, economy and history pertaining to international affairs.


During the course, participants attend lessons and workshops aimed at identifying and studying in depth the central aspects of the subjects pertaining to the preparation for the selection procedure for the Diplomatic Service, and access to careers in international or community affairs: International Public Law, International Organisation, E.U. and E.C. Law, International Trade Law, The U.N. and peace keeping procedures, Political Economy, Economic Politics, International Economy, Monetary Economy, Development Economy, Modern and Contemporary History and History of International Relations and Geographical Areas.

In the first part of the course there are additional courses of further study and analysis of various legal, economic and historical aspects of international relations.

The course also includes lessons and practice in English and French, at basic and more advanced levels.

Participants have the opportunity to meet international functionaries who can advise them how to present themselves as candidates for E.U. and international organisations.


The course is held from January to May, at the ILO International Training Centre in Turin. Lessons in institutional subjects are in Italian, and language classes are in English or French.


The teaching staff is comprised of University lecturers and mother tongue teachers. The secretarial staff and a tutor are always available at the International Centre during lesson time, to give assistance to participants.


The course is open to Italian citizens or foreigner (with good working knowledge of the Italian language) with a degree in Law, Economics, Political Science - or equivalent qualifications. Undergraduates in the above-mentioned subjects in their final year may be admitted, provided that they are on schedule with their exams.


The University Institute of European Studies has established agreements and conventions with The European Trading Foundation, The U.N Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI),The International Training Centre of ILO in Turin, and The Regional Council of Piedmont, by which all those who obtain the certificate of attendance at the end of the course, can apply for in-service training at these institutes, giving them the opportunity to acquire experience in the field, following their theoretical preparation. The selection of candidates, the number of places available and the length of training are agreed between the institute in question and the University Institute of European Studies.